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Pasture Raised & Veteran Owned



An Environmental and Natural Farm

Pastured Pork is in stark contrast to the pork you normally find at the grocery store that were raised in Confined Animal Feeding Operations (CAFO). The thicker, juicier, more dense cuts have a deep, rich, more “porky” taste that will leave you feeling more full. CAFO pork is the bland, white, water saturated sliver of meat that’s rarely requested for dinner.
Pastured Pork is a healthier product in many ways including it’s high amount of vitamin-D that’s absorbed during the pigs long naps in the sun. Because our pasture and woodlots are a more natural and spacious setting for pigs, they don’t require the antibiotics to combat the stress and disease ridden CAFO settings. Choosing to consume pasture raised animals is choosing not to contribute to the growing concern of antibiotic-resistant pathogens.
Humane treatment of animals is of the upmost important to us. We use low stress loading techniques and gentle handling. We go as far as to employ our pigs to labor on our farm. We give them a pasture or woodlot to run, root, rototill and fertilize for about a week and then they move on to a new one. This gives us time to plant forage for them and the wildlife as well as time for the soil to heal and absorb their nutrients. They continue this rotation and won’t touch the same soil for almost 5 months. This actually improves the environment instead of degrading it.
Our Pastured Pork is also a truly local product. Every dollar stays between New Hampshire and Massachusetts. They are born in NH, grown in NH, eat feed grown in MA, butchered in MA, and sold here directly to customers such as your self. This keeps the money local and the "Food Mile" low.

We have pasture raised turkeys available for Thanksgiving or Christmas 2023.

*Expected weight - about 20 pounds

*Deposit - $50.00

* $6.50 per pound

* Pick up date (at the farm) on 11/16 or 11/18

DM or Email to place your order today.




We have a farm store that is self serve located at 201 Marcel Road in Mason, NH. The store is open everyday from dawn to dusk and we accept: cash, check, & Venmo. The store always has some products available for purchase; however if you want to place a specific order be sure to email us first.


We are happy to be returning to the Marlborough, MA farmer's market this year. The market takes place every Saturday from June 17th - October 7th 10AM - 2PM. We plan to have both pasture raised pork and grass-fed beef available. 

Location: 19 Weed Street, Marlborough, MA.


One of the best ways to purchase our products include buying a whole, half or quarter of an animal (pig/cow). This ensures you have a variety of cuts that are customizable for you in your freezer all at once for no hassle. Supply is limited so orders must be placed in advance please email to inquire.


All orders can be placed best by email to Follow us on instagram @gus_farm and like us on Facebook @gusfarmnh.

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